Digital Citizenship

  1. What is disinformation (Fake News)? It is where someone spreads or hears information that is incorrect whether it was deliberate or it’s was unknown. In one situation it could be deliberate and someone wanted to sound cool so they made up a rumor about themselves or someone else. A different Situation would be where someone thinks that they know something so they share it and later realize that what they shared was incorrect even though they didn’t do it on purpose.
  2. How does disinformation impact a community? It can divide people and get people to pick what side they believe, but it could also just not education or miseducate the people around.
  3. Give an example/share an experience of how disinformation impacted you or a community. Well with Covid-19 everyone has different options but some people have said that it can cause these crazy things like it’s really the government trying to track us or that it can cause the entire human body to change witch is not true but divides the people.
  4. How would you help your fellow classmates identify and stop the spread of disinformation? I would just explain to them how it’s deliberately sharing information that they know isn’t true but it helps them so they do it anyway.