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“Never say never because limits like fear are often just an illusion” -Michael Jordon

I chose this quote because to me illusions is obstacles that are just trying to scare you, so if you just keep on working hard and keep practicing on what your passionate about more than anyone else then you WILL achieve it!

I chose this video because in the game before this one, curry went 0-10 and now he shoots the basketball in the most lethal way possible. No One could guard him this game, and it inspires me that if the best shooter goes 0-10 then makes 12 threes his next game, that if you stay locked in then anything you can do, you can achieve it.

In this picture Kyrie hits a shot against curry, but this isn’t any ordinary shot. this shot was the shot that won cleveland their first championship in 50 years! whats even more crazy is that cleveland came back from a 3-1 lead! I chose this picture because it shows me that you should never give up on yourself and that when ever your life gets difficult it means your growing as a person and that you just “leveled up”, this is one of the best finals if not the best in NBA history!

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