About Me

Narin’s about me page


chose this quote by Albert Einstein, a famous German mathematician. I chose this quote because it tells you that its okay to make mistakes, no one has ever not made a mistake in their life. Its okay not to be perfect and you shouldn’t be scared to try new things. It sets a healthy mindset and it is basically reminding you that you shouldn’t care what others think and try whatever you want to do.

This YouTube video is a vlog by David Dobrik, i chose this because it is my all time favorite video ever. Watching this, I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life. I even did this to my cousin and i’ve never had so much fun. I love David Dobrik and all of his videos.


This is a photo of me and my friend Brooklyn, i chose this because this photo is a memory of a really good day. I only met Brooklyn this year yet we have become so close, this day was when we were watching the Grade 9 boys basketball game with a bunch of our friends and ended up staying out late and having a blast.


i was not born in Canada, i was born in Germany, i am Kurdish and Persian. I moved to Canada when i was just 4 years old while speaking fluent Kurdish and German. this website is meaningful to me because i have been trying to get back on my German speaking since i forgot after i learned English. i still speak Kurdish and i now understand Swedish and Farsi but i need to learn German again.