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I chose this quote because I think that when something happens in life, their’s always a way to react. You can either react with a positive way, or become negative about the situation. Your perspective on the situation, really makes a difference on your mental state. The quote is by: Charles R. Swindoll.

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I chose this clip because I love to play soccer! I also went to this game at BC place with my soccer team, and close to the front! I love watching soccer, especially the Canada Women’s team. This was a close game and a really interesting, I would defiantly recommend this game for someone who wants an interesting match. 

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This picture is important to me because this is my dream vacation. After I graduate, my cousin and I hope we will be able to travel to Bora Bora after Med School. This is the resort we are hoping to stay at it’s called the Four Seasons Bora Bora Hotel, and we want to stay in a bungalow. This has been my dream for about 2 years now, and one of my goals in the future.


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UBC Requirments

This website is important to me because I want to get into the UBC Science Education. Lately, I have been looking through the requirements for an application, once I’m in grade 12. Because of my course selection due soon for grade 10, I was starting to figure out what specific classes I’ll need my future years, which lead to this website.

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