Journaling Science Fair

My fair experience was great from all the other ones I’ve done before, everyone was interacting with each other and asking great questions. I learned that for my project that sir Isaac newton was the first discoverer of gravity. if he never discovered gravity then non of us would know what it is. Next time if I were to do the science fair, I would add more information on the board instead of me explaining. Now I can’t choose a project that was impressive because every single one was very interesting! Now sadly I did not take any photos of the fair because my phone was not working at the time so I was unable to use my device. Even thought non of my pictures are on here I am just going to explain what was on my poster board. So I drew a apple tree in the middle, because thats where reaction all started. When sir Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when an unexpected apple hit his head. And that made him wonder why apples fall straight down to the ground instead of sideways or upwards. And then I had other information on the sides of my experiments and how it went. overall I really enjoyed the science fair!

Niki Dhillon