About Me

About Nikola Langr Benedykczak

Nikola’s Quote to Know:

“You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

-Donald Trump

I chose this quote because I believe in thinking above and beyond. Whats the point of thinking average if anyone can think mediocre if your already thinking why not think more then an average person come up with something great. Ask yourself mind confusing questions test your brain confuse it, seeks and ask questions that haven’t ever been answered you have nothing to lose and are just increasing your knowledge. If you ask my parents, past teachers, and previous school nun/ priest they will tell you that the questions I ask then confuse then so much they don’t have answers for them. I enjoy thinking about difficult things things that don’t have answers because I find that it stimulates my brain and keeps me on my toes wondering and that is why I like this quote because anyone that just thinks is wasting their time when they could be thinking bigger and even when you think bigger there is always bigger. Theres no end to thinking.

What Makes Nikola Laugh: 

Funny Dog Attacks

I enjoy unusually funny videos. It may seem harsh but when people are put into situations where they screen funny or make weird sounds it cracks me up so much. So this video where people are getting attacked by dogs but really just large cats kept me laughing so much. I don’t even have a reason just the sounds they made and the funny running away and waving hands kills me. Me and my friend watched this together and couldn’t stop laughing just because of our similar humour something like this comes across funny to us. So, most of my days I just spend watching meme, funny tik toks and funny animal attacks. ahaha 


Exposing Nikola In a Picture:
   I feel like this picture resembles and exposes my life totally. Ahaha, It shows that no matter how well I might make my life seem and how thought out I make it look there are messy and unthought out parts of my life just like the mess in my room. This also shows that I enjoy procrastinating and doing something else in this case putting a bunch of layers on and taking pictures of myself to avoid doing something more important which is a bad habit such as cleaning my room, homework, ect. The picture shows how I prioritize my technology and social media over things again such as homework and cleaning my room. The picture shows that I enjoy being around people but also just spending time alone. I enjoy laughing but also just being serious such as this picture. This picture resembles a little bit of me and my life and thats why I chose it.

What Nikola Stays up watching all Night:

 What I stay up all night watching 

I really enjoy watching funny tik toks, at night sending them back and forth between me and my friend Julianna. The 15 second video clips make us crack up so hard and keep us up and entertained for hours. Tik Tok videos are better then youtube better then Netflix it is definitely something I would be watching if you would walk into my room in the middle of the night. Just watching the memes on there kill me and make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. Me and Julianna send them to each-other back and forth and it keeps us connected on a level no one will ever understand because we keep laughing for hours. Sometimes out of no where we start laughing at school or walking in the mall just because we remember a funny tik tok we both watched a week ago and it keeps us laughing. That is why I enjoy this app a-lot.