Panashe’s Blog


“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what are you are learning to do”


Why I chose this quote:

I chose this quote because what it says is true, if you work your hardest on any goal you want to achieve, then you will succeed. Putting in effort, trying you hardest and working hard will lead into your success and benefit. This quote doesn’t just apply to soccer,  this quote tells what you have to do achieve any goal of dream you are striving for. For example maybe your trying to get all “A”s on your report card, you will have to put great effort in your academic work to achieve this goal.


Why I chose this video:

I chose this video because I thought this match was one of the greatest matches ever played (that I watched). I was rooting for Argentina to win, mainly because Messi was on their team, even though they lost it was still a good game and both Germany and Argentina played well. This match was part of the first world cup I ever watched, and the 2014 FIFA world cup was probably one of the most. During the semi finals, Germany humiliated Brazil, beating them 7-1, to be fair Neymar was injured and couldn’t play.



Why I chose this picture

I chose this picture because of my fascination of sharks, especially the prehistoric megalodon. When I was younger, I thought sharks were more amazing than scary, it was most interested in one specific shark, the megalodon. The idea that a gigantic shark one roamed our seas amazed me, but its nice to know that the megalodon extinct and therefore cant arm us. Still the megalodon is, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating animals to ever roam the Earth.


Why I chose this website

I chose this website because skateboarding is one of my hobbies. When I was younger I knew nothing about skateboards or how to ride one. My cousins taught me how to ride to ride their penny boards, after getting the hand of riding the penny board, I knew that I wanted to buy my own board and make skateboarding a hobby. Landyacthz have a lot of skateboards with cool and interesting designs, in addition to skateboards, they sell their own merch and skateboard accessories.