Reflection 1 Panashe


Course Name: Digital Learning 9

Name: Panashe Musana

Course Teacher: (English) Mrs. Herdman

All the functional procedures I used in this class:

Using a search engine: Yes

Accessing a school website: Yes

Uploading and/or downloading: Yes

Sending a link: Yes

Embedding video and/or links into an application: Yes

Scanning a document: No

Printing a document: No

Using a QR code: No

Saving to a icloud (Office 365): Yes

Accessing work on multiple devices: Yes

Sending/responding to an emailCollaborating online:: No

Cutting/pasting text, pics or links: Yes

Digital tool I found useful:

A digital tool I found in this class was the google search tool, the google search engine was very useful and I ended up using it a lot. The first two assignments of digital literacy required us to search up, then copy and paste links to websites, YouTube videos etc., or paste pictures. I used the google search tool to search up the pictures, videos etc. I wanted to use for the first two assignments. All I had to do was create a new tab and the google search tool was ready to use, and I had no problem or issues with the search tool, I always found what I wanted. The great thing about google is that once you search you want, there is a bar with words for example “images”, and if you click on the word image then you will be taken to a page with filled images of what you searched up, or if you were to click the word video then you would be transported to a page full of videos with the topics of them being what you searched. I found this feature very useful.

Digital app, tool or resource I would like to use in the future:

A tool I would like to use in the future would be the app: Adobe photoshop, the app is pretty self explanatory, you can import saved pictures and photoshop them. There are many different tools in this app that you can use to photoshop your chosen picture, such as turning your picture into some kind of abstract art by editing it. But photoshopping is not all this app can do, you can draw your own picture and at it into original picture, add text and create a title for your picture, or cut out a part of picture and add into a different one. I think it would be cool if we had an assignment where we used Photoshop to create a collage, and collage could be about anything you want. For example maybe your collage consist of pictures of you favourite food items, least favourite, dogs, cars, sports equipment, random things you found on the internet etc., I think this could be a fun idea, but probably time consuming as well.