Reflection 2 Panashe


Course Name: Digital Learning

Name: Panashe Musana

Course Teacher: Mrs. Myles (Careers)

All the functional procedures I used in this class

Using a search engine: Yes

Accessing a school website: Yes

Uploading and/or downloading: Yes

Sending a link: Yes

Embedding video and/or links into an application (ex.ppt): No

Scanning a document: No

Printing a document: No

Using a QR code: Yes

Saving to a cloud (Office 365): Yes

Accessing work on multiple devices (ie. at home and at school): Yes

Sending/responding to an emailCollaborating online: No

Cutting/pasting text, pics or links: Yes

Useful digital tool/resource I have used

A digital tool I have found useful in this class is the Microsoft office apps, specifically  Microsoft Teams, Word, and SharePoint. I used Microsoft Teams to hand in work, see what assignments are coming up and which assignments I still have to complete, access instructions for assignments, and check out the marks I have gotten for completed assignments. I used Microsoft Word to answers the questions for the digital citizenship assignment on a word document. Whenever I click on the links to instructions for assignments on Teams, it takes me to SharePoint, where I can read the instructions. So I use Teams to access the instructions and SharePoint to read them.  The Microsoft office apps are very useful because without them (for digital learning) I wouldn’t be able to anything, I wouldn’t be able to work on, complete, and hand in assignments, get marks/grades and pass this class. What I like about Microsoft office is that it has office 365 which acts like a hub because all the services are there for you to access, not only can you access the all the services but you can directly go to documents and files you have recently worked on by clicking on links on the page.

An app I would like to use in the future

An app I would like to use in the future (in this class) is Microsoft PowerPoint, I would like to use the app because I enjoy using app and I the  think it could be used for an assignment for digital learning . We could use  the app to make a PowerPoint based on a topic chosen by you guys. Just like how we were supposed to make a poster showcasing three strategies to keep your digital  footprint safe and appropriate for the digital footprint and safety assignment. The app works similar to Canva , in PowerPoint instead of making posters we create pages, but just like with posters we can customize our pages by adding text and pictures, changing the background, font size, colour and style and more. PowerPoint gives users a variety of tools to personalize their pages and the amount options you have when designing your pages are vast. Why I enjoy using the app so much is because I like going through all tools and playing around with them, I use the ones that I find fun to use and work well together to create an amazing PowerPoint.