Digital Citizenship

Payton Nygard

  1. Describe a bullying situation from one of the resources above. What does the situation cover? Trisha Prabhu’s ted talk covered a lot of things about hateful online posts and how they can really effect people. All the people she talked about had experienced online bulling in some way and it ended up with them being dead or self harming themselves. These situations show that there is no need to hate on people, especially when they did nothing wrong. If someone was to do something that wasn’t right, nobody should attack them with hate. The community should help solve the problem. Consequences will come after. No-one should be harming themselves because of hate. We need to help them get through it.
  2. What strategies does the resource show to deal with these types of situations? Everybody deals with situations differently and that’s fine. We can’t make everyone be the same. But there are ways to help deal with bullying. Family and friends need to be there for the person who is being effected by the hate. The main thing though is to just think twice before you post or say something and none of this would happen.
  3. In your own words, what do you think it means to be a Digital Leader? I think for someone to be a digital leader they have to be someone who is confident in themselves and their actions. A digital leader should be a caring and friendly person. You’re an influencer and you should be leaving a good impact on other people. You would be the person to stop bullying and help deal with hateful situations.