elements cube

1) I needed to find the history of the element so things about who found it, when was it discovered, and what was it used for?  I also needed to find the properties of the element and its physical features.

2) Some familiar digital tools i used while making my cube was researching online and using some familiar sites for my research. I also used Microsoft word for creating my cube, which was familiar because I’ve used Microsoft word for a lot of my projects in the past. Some different digital tools i used while creating my cube was making a URL on tiny URL because i have never used it before.

3) I investigated zirconium by researching the questions that needed to be answered and in that process I learned a lot about my element.

4) I verified my sites i used to research about zirconium by copying the link and then pasting it in to tiny URL.

5) The process of creating the cube overall I think went pretty well. Some things that i could have done better was maybe using some more and different sites for my research in stead of sticking to the same ones.