About Me


About Me

My Favorite Quote~

“Your now is not your forever”

-John Green, Turtles all the way down

I choose this quote because it is so true and speaks to me, also this book is one of my favorites and made me think more about myself and my friendships with others.

 My Favorite Video ~


I choose this video because this is one of my favorite songs (Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz) and this music video captures it’s essence perfectly. I love the art and direction in the visuals.It’s so fun and cool to watch.

One of my favorite band photos~ 
Image result for gorillaz

I choose this photo because I love the band Gorillaz and I really enjoyed their new album The Now Now. Also this photo is pretty stylized and well done.

My Favorite Website ~

I choose this website because I love to track and explore anime, and this website helps me with that. I am currently watching My Hero Academia.