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Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

-Mahatma Gandhi


This video about a 9 year old boy named Caine. In 2011 he spent his summer creating DIY cardboard arcade machines in his dads used auto parts store in Las Angeles. Caine loved arcades he dreamed of having costumers playing on hid one day. he spent months preparing his arcade, perfecting his game designs, making a fun pass, his own Caines arcade staff shirt. however his dads shop was located where not all people walked by. so his chance of getting costumer were very low. he never gave up. one day a guy named Nirvan Mullick came to his arcade. Caine explained ton hip for $1 he can get two turns, and for $2 he can get a fun pass (with 500 turns). Nirvan bought the fun pass. Nirvan was his first and only costumer. he loved Caines arcade. Nirvan was a film maker. Once he figured out that he was CAines only coustermer he asked his dad if he could make a short film about Caine. Nirvan also organized a flash mob of costermers to play at Caines Arcade. To date 240,000 dollars has been donated for Caine to go to college. After the film, Caine has traveled the world to share his story. Caine became the youngest entrepreneur to speak at the USC Marshall School of Business. He also started the Global Cardboard Challenge. Witch my dad and i help organize in my elementary school ” Discovery elementary” it was a big thing every student participated ether playing, or creating. Instead of money we used tickets. It was a blast. Why I want this video on my blog? For me this video shows imagination, motivation, and hope. After watching this video a few tears trickled down my face it really touches you, and motivates you to get up and create.


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This piece is called “girl on a swing” by Banksy. Banksy is a anonymous artist his identity still hasn’t been released. Hes a England-based street artist, vandal, political activist, and film director. I like this piece very much because it very powerful but yet so simple. This translates to me about how people are taking the good out of the world and putting in buildings, parking lots ext.. Why? because it gives them more money. And all people want now is money.