Science 9 Ecology

Observe an Organism:


Blakeburns atmosphere is made up of  21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen an tiny percent of argon, carbon dioxide and methane.


Blakeburn contains with the biosphere. There are trees, plants, Canadian geese, slugs, ducks, crows, eagles.


In the lagoon the hydrosphere interacts with blakeburn is the pond in the middle of the lagoon.


At blakeburn the geosphere has gravel, dirt, and water.

Abiotic Factors

We recently visited Blakeburn Lagoon  I saw a lot of Aboitic Factors like;

. Gravel

. Water

. Trucks

. Plywood

. Pipes

. Houses

. Sprinklers

. Sunlight

Biotic Factors

Biotic Factors

. Plants

. Tree

. Canadian geese

. Flowers

. Spiders

. Snails

. Mushrooms

. Crows

Ecologically Linked

Food Pyramid                                                                                                                                                                   Food Web



Three actions as an individual that i can do to help increase sustainability at the lagoon are;


Recycling can help sustain the earth, buy saving resources.  When you recycle, used things they can be made into new products. Reducing the need to use more natural resources. Recycling helps protect the environment. Recycling decreases the need for mining, quarrying, and logging. All of these create air and water pollution. So when you recycle you reduce the air and water pollution with sustains the air and water.

2. Minimize waste

We should all reduce the amount of waste we produce. As we are consumers we need to keep in mind about how to conserve out natural resources. Most of our waste goes to landfills, and landfills create water pollution. You might ask how can a landfill create water pollution? Landfills create water pollution when the trash is drenched with water and certain particles cannot be taken out through the  water treatment process. This is extremely dangerous, because of the community that live near. There clean water will be infected. Also landfills create a massive amount of air pollution. the natural gases coming of from the garbage will affect the air and that can create problems for lungs and hearts. So when you minimize your waste you can help reduce these problems.

3.Carpool or use public transit more often

Using ether one of these helps the environment so much. Hear are some reasons. It helps the environment, with there being less cars on the road. Witch means less carbon and other gases and pollution  in the air. Also gets you to know the people in your community.

Life of a Tree

Biological Community

First Peoples Link

According to the Blakeburn Lagoons Park website “More than 100,000 indigenous shrubs and groundcover plants, more than 1,300 indigenous trees and two acres of native grasses”.

Salal berries are a first nations plant. They are a blueberry look alike. According to the global news the salal berries is the healthiest growing berries in B.C but not the tastiest. The Kwakwaka’wakw used the salal berries to survive. They would put it into baked goods and either sell or trade them. During large feasts they would take a berries and dip it into oolichan grease. Oolichan grease is made up of this small fish from the ocean that produce a high amount of oils. The berries were also used to sweeten there foods. The young leaves were chewed to help the hunger for drugs. The  leafy branches were used in pit-cooking also known as earths oven, and cooked as a flavoring in fish soup. The berries were also used as die.

SALAL BERRIES                                                                                                                                                                PIT COOKING

 Image result for salal berries                                    Image result for pit-cooking

Symbiotic Relationships

Image result for mutualism

Mutualism: two organisms of different species have a relationship in when they both benefits from the activity of each other.

So for an example a bee and a flower they have a mutualistic relationship. Bees get the nectar they need to make honey by flying to several flowers. The bee brings pollen from one plant to an other creating pollination. If we didn’t have this mutualistic relationship between the bee and the flower blakeburn lagoon and the whole world would suffer because the bees they pollinate 70% of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world.



Hello and welcome to the story of my life at blakeburn lagoon. My names Ernest the what you step on when you go outside. Grass! I’ve been living at the lagoon i saw everything grow and develop to what it is now. I helped a lot in the lagoon process of becoming this beautiful new habitat. I’ve improved and cleaned the air quality that you breath buy how i capture the pollution, dirt, dust, and allergens. Temputre modification and cooling effects. Control water quality. I also am apart of most food chains, cycle, pyramids. Without  me grasses hoppers and more cant eat and what every eats grass hoppers can ea because there no grass and so one. So in conclusion Everything at the lagoon plays a part in growing the lagoon.