About Me

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
― Neil Gaiman

I chose this quote because Neil Gaiman is an amazing writer and one of his books Coraline has been one of my favourite stories. This quote is all about overcoming your challenges which is something we all face.


Bob Ross has always had a very clamming effect on me, whenever I feel sad or upset I can just watch one of his videos and I will feel better. I feel that Bob Ross has an amazing amount of positivity which is something we can all try to be a little more of.


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This image brings out a lot of mixed emotions for me. Last year I started watching one of the biggest shows Game Of Thrones. Game Of Thrones is a fantasy show with dragons, corrupted government, realistic characters and war which are some of the things I love most in books, movies and TV shows. Joffrey Baratheon or Joffrey Waters is often thought of as one of the most annoying Game Of Thrones characters. Joffrey killed and tortured  some of my favourite characters he has a taste for blood and is an overall awful king. He loves to shout ‘I am the king’ whenever someone opposes him or even disagrees with him. This is a picture of Joffrey’s death at ‘The Purple Wedding’ and it made me very happy. One bad emotion I get from this picture is disappointment. Unfortunately the actor who plays this role has been harassed online and in the streets for being the face of such a hated character despite being an amazing person in real life. Because of this the actor has quit acting and left the spotlight so he wouldn’t have to deal with more people getting angry at him for being an amazing actor. I find it a shame that such a talented person had to quit their passion because other people don’t understand what acting is.


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As long I can remember I have always loved animals and it saddens me that many animals are going extinct. I have chosen the Wildlife Conservation Society for my hyperlink because I hope that less and less animals will go extinct.