About Me

1) Meaningful Quote:

Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you land among the Stars. -Les Brown. I chose this quote because
this is the only quote that is familiar to me because I always see this on my Gr.6 teacher's wall and it 

This always reminds me to keep going even if I fail and it makes me persevere my goals most of the time because the quote tells me that even if I fail there is always still a chance in doing it again.


2) Favourite Video:
I chose this video because since my old music teacher introduced it when I joined Gr.6 choir it’s just in my head. I can not get this song out of my head because it is really catchy and I kind of enjoyed performing with the other people in front of the school because it was a fun song and to dance to during choir. I do not think that I will forget this song.wdwd


3) Inspiring Picture:
Destroy logo demon slayer" T-shirt by Hashira | Redbubble
This picture inspires me because this is from one of my favorite animes, Demon Slayer. This just reminds of how good the show is and I remember that the main character does not gives up and tries again to achieve his goal.

) Create a Hyperlink:
I chose this hyperlink because this is where I watch most of my anime and enjoy my free time. Watching anime is one of my hobbies and I really enjoy it. My top 3 favorite anime is Demon Slayer, Haikyuu, then first is HunterXHunter. These are animes I really enjoy a lot. This is why I chose this hyperlink.