Digital Learing Reflection

Digital Learning 10

Mr Chastkavich

i need to use a laptop to do everything including finding my instructions, doing my projects, and handing it in.

When I am on the school website it is usualy to check for a teachers e-mail or to find my Blog

I only upload projects on the Blog I made.

When I’m sending a link it is usually a part of a project for digital learning.

I’ve only embedded a video once this year when i made my Blog

I’ve scanned a document a few times to do surveys for Digital learning websites and PHE after learning about safety online.

I haven’t had to print a document yet for digital learning but i did it a lot last year for Science and English.

I’ve used a QR code once after a safety online class.

I have saved to ICloud once when I was doing a  powerpoint and I was saving pictures.

I’ve always used my laptop to do work and projects, I bring it everyday when I go to class and I bring it home.

I haven’t sent any e-mails to my teachers yet this semester if I do send e-mails it is because I’m having trouble with work or if i have a question.

I cut and Paste for almost everything I do with Digital Learning.


In digital learning I find my laptop very helpful without it i wouldn’t be able to do it. I use my laptop fo everything in Digital learning.
I don’t have a app I’d like to use for the firstime but I do like office 365 and I would like to use it more.

Delete All and Redesign When Finished

TFS Digital Learning

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