Reflection 2 Due December 13th (Change This Name!)


Course Name: French

Course Teacher: Mlle D’Alfonso


Using a search engine

Uploading and/or downloading

Sending a link

Embedding video and/or links into an application (ex.ppt)

Printing a document

Using a QR code

Accessing work on multiple devices (ie. at home and at school)

Sending/responding to an emailCollaborating online

Cutting/pasting text, pics or links

2. Describe one digital tool or resource you found useful in this class. How did you use it and why was it useful?

i found my translator helpful. Because when i dont know what a word means i use my translator

3. Describe a tool, app, or resource you are hoping to use in the future. What would you use it for?

The kahoot app is used for helping with any subject fun, game, learning verb conjugation. 

TFS Digital Learning

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