Update – End of Term 1

We have been busy!

  • Walking field trips to Blakeburn Lagoons and the Hyde Creek Hatchery
  • Conducting chemical reactions to make things pop, foam and change colour
  • Playing with Spheros and Micro:bits
  • Participating in the district Space Science (SSEP) Competition
  • Dressing up for Halloween

Science 2021/2022

Gr. 8’s… to apply for the Gr. 9 STEAM program please follow this link: www.terryfox.sd43.bc.ca/steam

Incoming Gr.9’s 2021/2022 Brochure: https://www.sd43.bc.ca/school/terryfox

Info sheet for Gr. 10 & 11’s doing course selection for September 2021: https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/hmyles_sd43_bc_ca/Ef4ev4O-2zpJgdt9pOEoATYBXLsmZ7QZFIq4_eeoED24vw?e=gr0rSd

To apply for the Gr. 11 Co-Op program please follow this link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=74xl2ZICUkKZJWRC3iSkSzuFpCu4vOhAoyuLu9B3tOhUMkxEM1pESENMTTRGT0FEU0lBOEJCTTRPUy4u

Welcome to the Science Department Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EQ5XhR-QFo&feature=emb_logo&ab_channel=TerryFoxSecondary

If you have any questions about our science programs, please feel free to contact:

Hannah Myles


Co-op Application

CURRENT GR.10 students who are interested in enrolling in Science Co-op 2021/2022. Please fill in the following application form:


If you have questions, please contact: pgrossi@sd43.bc.ca


 Courses included in program:

Physics 11                           MPH–11P 

Chemistry 11                       MCH–11P 

Independent Studies           MIDS-2BSC 

Work Experience                MWEX-2ASC

This program is for students interested in exploring science-related careers and doing some enrichment/application activities to extend science concepts learned in the regular curriculum. There will be opportunities for hands on experience through field trips and work experience. In order to apply, students need a minimum letter grade of B in Science 10, a minimum letter grade of B in Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 and to have demonstrated good work habits. In grade 11, students take their Science Co-op courses together during Semester 2.  An effort is made to arrange that all students complete their 90 hours of voluntary work experience at a similar time so that they do not miss regular class time.  The grade 12 year is scheduled with the normal flexibility.

Semester 1 – Grade 11

  • An English 11 – 4 credits
  • A Social Studies – 4 credits
  • A Math 11 – 4 credits
  • Language or Life Science 11 or a Fine Arts Course – 4 credits

Semester 2 – Grade 11

  • Physics 11 – 4 credits
  • Chemistry 11 – 4 credits
  • Independent Study Physics12/Chemistry 12 – 4 credits
  • Career Preparation Work Experience 12 – 4 credits

Note: Co-op is blocked into the timetable for blocks B-E.  This leaves block A available for an elective if necessary.  In Grade 12, students will be able to use what they learned in Co-op (ex. resume, cover letter, interview skills) for their CLC 12 course.

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