Electric house floor plan.

Reflection Questions

  1. I liked this project because it was very hands on. I liked how we had to make a 3D model and not 2D.
  2. This is related to the real world because if you would want to be an electrician then this is what you would have to know.
  3. I though my group had good communication because we all knew what parts we had to do and we communicated those things really well.
  4. What we learned from each other is that we have to ask the teacher for help when ever we are confused or have questions.
  5. If I could approach it again i would have cleaned up my wiring a little more just so it looks clean and more safe.
  6. I would make sure i understood the question fully before i started working on it.
  7. I will use this by communicating it to my partners about what i know before we start working.