Elements Cube Questions

My Elements Cube Reflection Questions:

1. Some questions I needed to research were: Who discovered bismuth, When did Claude Geoffroy discover bismuth, How was bismuth discovered.

2. Something new tried today was making a QR code. It was really cool to create a QR and being able to scan it to see the video I linked.

3. To help me find the right information I searched the question or topic, I made sure to read at least more than one site to make sure they both had similar information, then I typed it down the my element cube.

4. To find the proper information, I made sure to read most of the words on the site to see if it was relative to other sites that were recommended while searching for the topic.

5. The process was not too hard but also not too easy, the parts that I found most challenging was finding all the information about bismuth’s history and uses.