About Me


” You don’t need too many people to be happy, just a few real ones who appreciate you for who you are”                        –   Wiz Khalifa

This quote actually has a couple different meanings too me. I felt like i had to have a lot of friends to be liked or if you only had two its not a good thing;  your like a loner. But i have realized that i wasn’t happy with the friends i had i felt left out and alone. i tried so hard to be other peoples friends i now realize i was driving people away. for that time being i was spending time by myself, and i didn’t really truly have any friends. i just had to wait for the “real ones” as Wiz Khalifa said. so i did and i have amazing friends now. I still feel like i struggle with this but i learn from it.




The Philippines

This picture I find so beautiful, and it is where half of my family lives! I absolutely love the Philippines, when I went there for a vacation and visit family. we went island hopping. I can remember every bit of it. it was so beautiful the water was crystal clear and the coral reefs where gorgeous. the Philippines is truly a fantastic place!


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