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“The only way to reach the stars is to reach towards them” By Spencer Gosselin [Me] [I mean, I think I made it. Don’t know if I actually made the quote though]
The meaning behind this quote is an obvious one, but it means that the only way to reach your dreams is to work for them. Unless you were extremely lucky in life, your gonna have to work toward them if you want to make them a reality.


Here’s a picture of a bridge. Pretty cool, right?

See the source image

Oh, you want a reason for the picture? Ok.

Bridges are commonly found in, well, general, and have a lot of different meanings. Sometimes the meaning could be passing a roadblock or a way of linking 2 people. Other interpretations depict bridges as separators or links between life or death.

Nevertheless, bridges are pretty cool.



Now it’s time to find a link to a video i like. Let me look.

………………..wait. This isn’t my iPad. That means the videos i like aren’t on YouTube. Dang.

Well, guess I could just look up a music video.

…………………Dang. I looked through YouTube twice and I still didn’t find any good videos. I guess I’ll just look up Rick-Roll. That’s a good song.

I really like the Rick-Roll, even with all the memes around it. It’s just a nice song.



Okay, that’s three done, on to…….Wait. What’s a hyperlink?

‘Looking at how to do this’

Check Out This Cool Video!

Oh! That was easy!