About Me

The Quote

 Stop Thinking and Just Play - Dave Cottle. I picked this quote because i find that when i am playing lacrosse i tend to just over think to many things and it takes away from the game.I also thought that this quote was important because it just reminds you to enjoy the game and try your best, even if you make a mistake that should not matter because the game goes on. My coach says that lacrosse is a game of short memory. He says this because we win and lose some but regardless there's another game after that and you cant dwell on the game before.  

Boredom by Tyler, The Creator

I picked this video because it is a song that i really enjoy and it gives me some sort of nostalgia. It is from an artist i really enjoy and his music just makes me happy. I have been listening to Tyler, The Creator's music since i was little because me and my older brother used to listen to it while we'd play video games.

This is the picture I decided to choose.I chose this photo because i really enjoy playing lacrosse and seeing this picture reminds me of that.

This is the website i decided to pick.
I picked this because i really like the clothing from it and it is one of my favorite rappers website. The website talks about tour dates and his clothing/shoes.