Mase: I forgot to hand in after finishing. It was about League of legends a E-sport game

Gravity car: I worked on it with Seth and Jordan, but the wheels I made didn’t work and I was sick for the week we tested it.

Cardboard boat: It didn’t go to the end and result


Tomato graphing

I lost the SSEP so for science experiment Ill do the tomato growing assignment.

The Reason of the experiment 

I(we) wanted to know how much would the tomato plant will grow every day, by graphing every day. (If it was SSEP I would of said how much it would grow everyday in space.

The Items Needed

Tomato seed (1 per group)

Pot (1 per seed)

Wet soil (as much as you need for the pot)

some writing tool and paper to record.

How did it turn out? 

We got a graph of 1cm in every 6 days so 1/6 a day. However, this might be off a lot because our group did not record every day and we had some missing days

What should we do to Make it better next time?

Have record of most of the days to have clearer graph of everyday and maybe change the soil or the place to help the plants grow bigger or smaller.