We don’t need words!

An illustration to prove my point.

I want you dear reader to think throughout your life. Every important moment and influential beat that has transpired on your very being. In those moments, were you affected positively by words? Has a singular good thing ever happened because of these useless combinations of meaningless symbols? OF COURSE NOT! These useless wastes of space contribute absolutely nothing to our esteemed culture, and they should be banned altogether. We haven’t had a good use for them for over 4.544 billion years and yet big literacy demands we respect them. When have dictionary’s provided anything of use to someone? They are a serious waste of paper; like, a tree died just so you could have this useless piece of scrap laying around! Speaking of which, the amount of trees dying to fuel the word industry is absolutely disgusting.

Stinky Steve: Book One - A Minecraft Mishap eBook : Evans, PT, Tashjian,  Jake: Amazon.ca: Books This only exists because of WORDS, despicable.


Please share your stories about your negative experiences with words. I hope that together we can start a movement to get rid of them.

Take care