How Fast Does Steel Wool Corrode In Microgravity- SSEP Project Proposal

My SSEP group wanted to learn about the rust growth rate in a gravity-free enviroment. Here is our project proposal



Space over the past years has had a substantial increase in people’s interest. It’s noticeable that the world is changing quickly, and projects are being performed where few people have traveled. Knowing that space is the future of human existence, the rate in which steel oxidizes in space is crucial. This experiment contains steel wool which is in a section of the tube. In the other compartment of the tube is saltwater to speed up the way in which steel corrodes. Seeing how many things in our day-to-day lives are built using steel it is fair to say that knowing the rates in which steel rusts is important. After the tests are complete a comparison will be made between the two, determining if microgravity oxidizes steel quicker. As humans require oxygen for survival it is clear that oxygen will be an essential thing that is brought up. With this it means that steel will corrode and risks will factor in.

What Inspires Me?

Perseverance is very important to me. It is also something that can be really hard to do. Some of the people who inspire me have persevered through life-threatening injuries. One of the many people that have inspired me to persevere has been Bethany Hamilton. Hamilton has shown that no amount of injury can be a setback and to always power through.

Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack when she was 13. she had thought that she would never be able to surf after the accident. However, she persevered to become one of the world’s top female surfers. she also is an inspirational speaker who talks about perseverance Bethany’s Story | Bethany Hamilton

This is Bethany with the surfboard she was attacked on.


STEAM is a program for students who want to do project-based learning. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Arts, and Math. these are the subjects that are included in the program. There are many experiments and opportunities to build things. So far my peers and I have done many projects that include both science and math. As well as many other projects. We have been able to learn about our ecosystems and measure PH levels in the water. STEAM is an opportunity to learn about science and math in a new way.

STEM – What is it and why is it important? – YouTube

Why I Chose STEAM

When I heard of STEAM I was excited to join it. I love creating and designing things and I thrive in project-based learning. I was excited to take the science course and have a larger chance to do more science experiments.  immediately I thought that STEAM would be a really fun experience.

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Hi, my name is Mikenna, and this is my webpage. I am 14 and I enjoy playing sports and being creative. in my spare time, I enjoy drawing and painting. I also play Feild and Box Lacrosse. A few of my favorite things are singing, camping, and playing the ukulele. I also love spending time with animals.