V5 Robot 2023

Updates: V4 -Sep 2022, reinforced the outer shell -Oct 2022,  reinforced the wheels, moved the battery. -Nov 2022, components added ( 1x IR distance sensor) , (removing Ultra-sonic sensor) -no need for ultra-sonic sensor IR sensor is enough. -Dec 2022, code improvements and components added (Bluetooth module, 2x L293D micro-chips) –Dec-Jan 2022-2023, complete redesign of […]

Robot v3-v4 2022-2023

These are the images of my main project: Robot v3 or (R.H.M.3) -(really hard to make version 3). Keep in mind that this project is ongoing, so as of the time of writing of this description it has changed drastically.  Image taken: Dec 16, 2022. as of Dec 27, 2022 (just 11 days later) the […]

SSEP 2021-2022

This is our SSEP proposal paragraph. The primary focus of this experiment is to observe Escherichia coli’s behavior, DNA mutations, rate of cell division and how it thrives within food in a microgravity environment. The behavior that may be different from earth is the way it handles reproduction and feeding off raw meat. I hypothesize […]