About Me

Quote :

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted.”     -Aesop

I choose this quote because this is something I was told from a very young age. Everything, no matter how small, can make a big impact. Something as saying a compliment can make someone’s day, and that makes it more likely for them to do the same. Eventually, everything builds up.

Video :

This video is a short animation with a cute cartoon style that tells a story about two kids trick or treating. I love this video because the animation is very smooth and appealing, I also love the story and the big twist the ending is. I feel like most Halloween animations are too “scare” based while this is very thriller base which I think is a nice twist.

The Creator of this animation has many more amazing shorts.

Picture :

Related image

I picked this image because I love opossums and they are my spirit animal. I think opossums are adorable and when the mom opossum carries the babies on her back is too cute. Opossums are very misunderstood and they are not as aggressive and dangerous are a lot of people think. Opossums are one of the animals i really would like to have, but I sadly, probably won’t be able to get one since they are seen as wild animals not meant for captivity.

Hyper Link :


I picked this website because I think it is very interesting and unique. This site is for a RPG horror game being made. The site has a very creepy feel to it, and if you click on some images, you will be taken to a very weird page with unsettling images and/or text.


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