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Never Forget This Message!

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This quote is meaningful to me because it helps to remind me that even though things can get tough and/or frustrating… there will always be a bright/happy side that will follow. Never give up because happiness is always on it’s way. ­čÖé






My Favorite Kitty!

I chose this video because I not only love cats and animals, but it helps to reassure me that anything is possible, even in the worst of times. I think… It also proves, once again, that animals are amazing and way smarter then most people think. You rock animals!┬á*Although please note that I hate spiders!* I also want to be a vet when I grow up, so watching this inspiring video helps me realize just how much some animals need us, and how much even just a little bit of help could change somethings life.





Look If You Dare…

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I chose this picture because I can barely even look at it without shivering. I absolutely HATE SPIDERS!!! I have arachnophobia, which is the intense fear of spiders. This pretty much means that I have a very hard time looking at spiders (both online and real) and that I would have a hard time even walking near/though something that may obtain spiders (eg. bushes, old houses, old walkways, etc…). I know that it must run in the family because both my brothers hate them too, as well as my mom. Thank goodness we have cats which will kill them when they enter through our garage to our basement!






An Inspirational Website…



This website is important to me because of many reasons. One, because it is a very self-motivating, inspiring, and sometimes a sad site. Me to We is a foundation that was created by two brothers wanting to make a difference in the world. So, as a result this foundation went viral and eventually it started motivating people to do something too. I think this is a great message to share with the world: “It’s never too late to start changing the world.”. I was even lucky enough to be sharing my of view in front of 20,000 people one year! This leads me into another reason as to why I like this site/foundation. I spoke on stage at We Day 2018-19. This was one of my most favourite memories that I’ll probably ever have as a kid…and sometimes when I just hear the word leadership it reminds me of that wondrous day!