Tech Ed ~ Reflection #2

Course Name: Tech Ed.

Course Teacher: Mr. Haerdi

Functional Procedures I used in this class!

  • Using a search engine: Finding project ideas
  • Uploading and/or downloading: Creating logos
  • Printing a document: Printing project ideas for drafting
  • Accessing work on multiple devices (ie. at home and at school): AutoCAD
  • Cutting/pasting text, pics or links: Pasting pictures onto word documents for projects
  • AutoCAD Advanced ~ drafting

One Digital Tool/Resource I Found Useful In This Class! How Did I Use It and Why Was It Useful?

One very useful digital tool that I used in class was the AutoCAD desktop app. I found this very useful because we were able to use the computer tricks to make a straight line, for example, instead of having to do it perfectly by hand, like my grandpa said he did when he was a young boy. We used it when we were making our drafts of cool shapes/designs. AutoCAD also had many other tricks up it’s sleeve like, Radius, Diameter, Measurements, and many more…! 

A Tool I Am Hoping To Use In The Future. What Will I Use It For?

I am hoping to use a 3-D printer because I, for one, always thought that they were just so cool, and two, so I could further expand my knowledge in 3-D design work. I love art, and to me, Tech Ed is also a form of art, and just to imagine my art that I do in the computer come (almost) to real life… is just amazing!