About Me Page

About me page

One of my favorite quotes is by Mother Teresa.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them”.

I really like this quote because in reality this is true and that a lot of people can relate to this sadly. It really opens up your eyes and you realize that what your judging a person for, they can’t control.


This is one of my favourite videos on YouTube because I love ASMR. A lot of people may think it’s weird and cringe but to me it’s very relaxing and calming. I also watch ASMR because I have a lot of trouble trying to fall asleep so I watch it to help me.

A picture i found on the internet is representing a guy who looks and acts very happy and social but in the inside he feels lonely or may feel depressed or possibly have a lot of anxiety but doesn’t like to show it. A lot of people act this way because they possibly don’t like to show there feelings and weigh other people down with there emotions or trauma.

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A hyperlink that is very helpful for a lot of teenagers and/or adults is…

This hyperlink check it out here

I found this link very useful because a lot of teenagers know a days have a lot of anxiety and/or depression so i thought this website would be the best hyperlink.