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About Me



                                                                                                                                                                                  -Vince Lombardi

This quote is one of my favourites because I have a very competitive nature and I believe that if you put your mind to something, their is nothing that can get in your way. This quote does a really good job at explaining the difference between people that have passion for what is important to them and people who don’t have the same drive to achieve their goals. People that fight for what they want will always achieve their goals when others might not. When I am playing any kind of sport I never quiet, no matter what because winning is important to me and I will fight for it. This quote can also help you in your future career because if you strive to always do your best and to never give up, it shows a great work habit which is needed for any job. Living by this quote has helped me improve at ringette and at school, for I work really hard at the things that are important to me.


I chose this video because it capitalizes a few words I believe to be very important; determination, focus, confidence and setting goals. It shows that with a little persistence you can make your dreams come true. I have a strong connection with this video because when I first started playing ringette, I was terrible and I wasn’t able to skate but because I was determined, focused and would set goals for my self, after only four years I had made a huge improvement and became confident in my abilities. When I first started ringette the biggest thing that helped me improve was being determined to achieve my goal to be on the A team, since that was something important to me, every practice, every game I would give it my all because I believed in my self and never gave up on my goal. The next year, I made the A team and every year after that I would set a goal to work on until I achieved it. At the moment my goal is to make the AA ringette team next year. These four words can also help you in your day to day live; sports, careers and growing as a person.


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This picture is significant to me because it is a photo of a beach in Goa, India where I spent two years of my life growing up. I traveled to India every year for five months until I was six and for the rest of the year I would be in Italy. I chose this picture because I love the beach, warm weather and swimming in the ocean. Whenever my family goes for a holiday we try to go somewhere where their is a sandy beach, just like in this picture. The photo also reminds me of my childhood and all the fun adventures I had with my family and friends. When I moved to Canada from Italy and India, one of the things that I miss the most where the beaches because when I was on the beach I felt free,  I could jump in the water, build sandcastles and have lots and lots of  delicious ice-cream! This beautiful beach assures me that when I am older I want to travel the world and visit India again.



I decided to do instagram as my hyperlink because it is the website that I use the most. Instagram is meaningful to me because it is an easy way to contact my friends. It has really helped me stay in touch with my friends across the world and especially my friends and family in Italy. I really enjoy using instagram because I can see what my friends are up to and contact them quickly if needed. Instagram is definitely a website that is worth trying. You won’t regret it!