About Me

Quotes I like:


“There’s nothing crueler than letting a dream end midway.”

  • Aizawa Shota (Boku no hero academia)

I honestly love this anime with all my soul, it’s very beautiful and Aizawa is one of the coolest pro-heroes ever. His quirk is really neat too, and he’s a big mood. Always wanting to sleep and stuff, ya know.

“Are you.. All Might’s secret love child or something?”

  • Todoroki Shouto (Boku No Hero Academia)

By far one of the funniest things said from Todoroki, especially since he’s one of those really serious and literal characters who doesn’t know how to make jokes.


Favourite Videos:

Denki Kaminari is honestly so pure he’s the best boy in BNHA!

Also here, take some Vocaloid memes while you’re at it.

3) Add a Picture:


(from “A Silent Voice” by Yoshitoki Aima)

Honestly the series was so beautiful, I almost cried during silent reading in class last year.

This movie was so beautiful, I watched it with a friend a few months ago and don’t regret it. It’s called “When marnie Was There” by Studio Ghibli. I totally recommend watching it!

Website from the gods:


This site is the best thing ever, you know why? Because it’s Vocaloid and I’m a nerd and want to get a Vocaloid and make songs with my friends using Kaito’s voice bank or Len’s.