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1) Add a Quote:

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same” Colin R. Davis

I picked this quote because to me is says don’t be afraid to fail. It is ok to fail because in doing so you are learning what not to do and learning from those experiences to make a more productive success.

2) Add a Video:




I picked this video because first off it makes me laugh. It is so simple and basic but the message at the end is worth it. I really pumps me up for math and digital literacy class! Sometimes you just have to laugh.



3) Add a Picture:

I picked this image because lizards to me are pretty cool. They live some pretty harsh conditions and are able to survive. They are also able to reproduce limbs should they become removed. Response to predation which lets them escape and live another day. The colours of this lizard caught my attention because it adapt to its surrounds to blend in.


4) Add a Hyperlink:


I picked this link because it continues on with my theme of geckos. Lost of fun kid aged information that is interactive.



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