What i thought about the science fair experience was that it was something different not like anything i have done before, but it also wasn’t as big as i expected it to be. Overall it was a good experience to have done with my partner and share off our work that we both enjoyed doing together. At first it was a bit hard to understand what was going on but then we talked to our teacher and figured out what to do and what we were doing for our project/poster board.

My partner, Isabella Melo and i think we did good and our poster board turned out really well, we were proud of the final product. It would be fun to do something like this again. How we designed our poster board was we took blue paint and painted waves on the top and bottom of the board, then we added a tad bit of blue glitter and some light blue chalk to cause a faded effect that looked more appealing. We then printed and cut out our research to the size we wanted it to be and taped it to the poster board, which then finalized our board and it was complete. It was an overall success.

This is our poster board i think it looks pretty well done and put together nicely.