About Me


My Favorite Quote:
“Be the change you want to see in the world”-Gandhi. I chose this quote because I have referred to this quotes since middle school. This quote is powerful because it shows that you can’t always rely on others about what you like. Gandhi is very inspirational by trying to make the country/world more peaceful.

My Favorite Video:

I chose this video called “I’m Motivated by Fear”, from my favorite YouTuber, Conan Gray. I have been inspired by him since he hit 200 thousand subscribers, and currently, he has 951 thousand subscribers. I chose this video because he talks about his rough childhood and how he has matured quickly from that type of household, but I mainly chose this video because he talks about motivation. Conan talks about how children were told if they do not work hard, they will not survive. I also relate to situations he dealt/deals with like being scared of failure and being a risk taker. In Conan Gray video he says “Our whole life, we are given this idea, if you don’t work hard in school, you will not go to college, you’re gonna become homeless, you’re not gonna have a family, you’ll crack cocaine in the back alley.  Its like we are constantly being threatened with failure.”

I have learned MANY things from this video like having a good mindset, rewarding yourself and taking breaks while working on tough tasks throughout the day. Conan Gray is currently pursuing his singing career by releasing three amazing songs and soon his new album will drop on Spotify. My favorite song of his is called “Idle Town”.I like this song of his because of he sings about moving from a small, quiet town, to now being enrolled in UCLA.He is very raw when taking about real world problems affecting the world or himself in his youtube videos.

My Favorite Picture:
This is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. I really like this picture because it was one of my first proper pictures with my camera. This picture is meaningful because I took this day before grade eight grad with a few of my best friends. I took this picture on a field trip at Rocky Point Park.

My Favorite Hyperlink:

I chose this hyperlink because it is by my favorite photographer, Brandon Woefel. Brandon has a large following on YouTube and Instagram. He inspires me because he was my main inspiration to start my favorite hobby, photography. Brandon Woefel is mainly a New York portrait photographer, which means he would prefer shooting with a person in frame and usually takes photos in New York. In his photos he uses a “cotton-candy themed palette” in his photos. He achevies this look by using editing software’s, like Adobe Photoshop.