1) Meaningful Quote: “Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it.” ~unknown

  • I picked this one quote for showing that not everything is all good about wasting time for people who don’t need that love like a person who is toxic, with u not leaving that and if not being nice don’t show them the love and predation to them.

2) Embedded Video:

  • I think its funny and it reminds me as myself 🙂


3) Inspiring Picture:

Snickering cat | Reaction Images | Meme faces, Reactions meme, Cat memes


I picked this photo because it looks like people when they sneeze or when people are trying too.


4) Create a Hyperlink:

BetterHelp | Professional Therapy With A Licensed Therapist

this is an website to help people who need help with depression, anxiety, and being self conches and many more.  This app would help you find a therapist just made for you! you could find another one if your not feeling like this therapist isn’t the one made for you or your health. When you would be using this website you could call or texted when ever needed, the app could be used for anytime of the day.

5) Self Assessment: