Passion Project Finished Product Photos

(On the over head it looks like something is missing but we were just fixing the ride. This is an old picture. *It was the orange pumpkin ride.)


Passion Project Relfection

How did your entire project go?
What would you have done differently? What worked out?
The project went well, I would make it more weekly check ins instead  or every two so its not panicking to get things done.
How was the event?
Did the day/event go as you thought it would? What was different compared to what you expected? Were your expectations met and how?
Yes, it went how I thought it would or even a bit better I thought it would be much more chaotic but I got some good questions from many of the kids.
What would you do differently or keep?
What are your future plans with this project? Are there any?
I would rearrange the the library so similar projects were put together and use tables as blockers so there is a clear path.
How was the process?
How did your planning of your project go? Did you follow your plan? Did you have one? Did your plan help you?
We did have a plan that was fairly lose. It went okay but some parts took longer then expected as well as some short that made us modify the plan as we went along. Having a plan did and did not help it put a bit of extra stress on us but also kept us on track.
How was your presentation?
How did your presentation go? Were you able to present easily? Did you feel unprepared? Did you feel your project was captivating enough to grab viewers attention?
Presenting went well in my option, I could do it easy and felt well prepared and our project garbed a good amount of action. The only down side of ours is that our mechanics were not overly working the day of but we found a way around it showing more of the art to pull attain away from it.

Passion Project Update 3

This check in we have…

  • Made 3/5 rides run
  • Made majority of the poster
  • Painted 3/5 rides
  • Decorated the base of our park

To finish the project we will…

  • Try to make the last two rides work
  • Finish off poster
  • Finish off paint

Passion project update 2

Our passion project is moving along at a fair speed just with some minor problems.

This check in was mostly struggling with making the pole as well as making them move at all.

What have we done?

  • We got both types of rides to spin
  • Swap and add some rides (took out roller coaster and maybe dropper, added a zipper ride and the pendulum ride.)
  • We now have 5 rides we hope to have moving.
  • Remade some rides for stability reasons.
  • gathered poster and planed it out.

What’s next?

  • Finish off mechanics that were not complete.
  • Created carts (when needed.)
  • Paint everything.
  • Glue down to board all rides and components.
  • Make poster.
  • Finish up any lose ends.

(Goal to finish project fully.)


Passion Project Update

So far, in our prosses we have….

  • Made porotypes
  • Finalized our designs
  • Printed all card board
  • Planed out our space
  • Ordered mechanics
  • Planed our mechanics

Our next steps we will….

  • Finish up mechanics
  • Start art
  • Start Poster design
  • Finish Research

Here is an updated picture


Passion Project



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