Activity tab is located at the top of the teams on the left. When somebody mentions you with @, you will get notifications.

How to favorite or unfavorite a team?

Go to a specific team name and click “More options” () and simply click “Favorite” or “Remove Favorite”. All the classes listed on your Teams default to favorites. If you do not use Microsoft Teams for all your classes, you can remove them from the favorites. Any classes/teams that are not listed on your list can be found under “More” on the bottom of the teams list.

How to change team settings?

  1. Click “More options” () in a team name and click “Manage Team”. In the “Settings” tab, you can simply
    • change the team picture
    • create a code to share with your students
    • set member permissions
    • set permissions for guests

    and all other things listed under “Settings”.

How to add SharePoint document library as a new tab in a channel?

  1. Click “Add a tab” (+) next to the other tabs in a channel.
  2. Select “SharePoint” and click relevant sites or use a link to paste to a SharePoint site or folder.

How to add assignment?

  1. Select “Assignments” tab under the desired classroom in the General.
  2. Select “Create” button and click “New Assignment” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Type in an assignment title.
    • You can choose either multiple classes or individual students in one class.
    • Add more information for the assignment, attach resources by clicking “Add resources” button.
    • Select a due date, late turn-in (if you are allowing students to turn in late), and the amount of total points of the assignment. Add rubric by clicking the button and you can also schedule the assignment to a later time.
  4. Click “Assign” and your students will receive notification of the assignment you just created. Another reminder will appear in the Conversation tab of the General.
    • You can always go back to the assignments and edit them by clicking “Edit” button after opening the assignment details view.

Please follow these links to some short yet very informative videos.

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