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Your “About Me” page is an introduction about you and a place to practice building your website.  As you get more comfortable, it becomes an opportunity to express who you are and share the things you like to do. Your blog is where you can share your growth and experiences of Digital Learning at Terry Fox Secondary. As you customize this page DELETE the INSTRUCTIONS so that only your work is published and when you share this page, share the published page (not the edit page).

1) Meaningful Quote:

  • ”You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good”-Jerry West (American Basketball Player)
  • This is inspriational to me because I live by this, if you wake up one morning not feeling the best you still gotta work, doesn’t mean that you have to workout like crazy everyday it means that you still need to get through the day as successfully as you can. Be the best person you can be, hold the door open for someone, give someone a complement.

2) Embedded Video:

Jackie Robison was a baseball player who broke the colour barrier in the major leagues. Jackie was a six-time all star, World Series champion, and NL MVP (National League Most Valuable Player). Jackie is an inspiration to all people he battled racial slurs while playing the sport he loved. He also had slurs being yelled at him everywhere he went. Jackie is one of my favourite baseball player of all time not just because he broke the colour barrier, because he was amazing at what he did. Jackie was a two-time stolen base leader.

3) Inspiring Picture:

The 50 Most Inspirational Sports Quotes in History | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

  • I chose this picture because it shows hard work and dedication towards a life long dream. Michael Jordan is one of the best athlete to ever live. He put his life into basketball to have a dream career. Micheal lived up to his dream by being a six-time NBA champion and six-time NBA finals MVP. Also with five-time MVP in the NBA along with fourteen Allstar game appearances with lots more awards. He also has his own documentary on Netflix called the ”Last Dance”. It’s about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls about their success as a team how they treated each other in and out of the locker room. Not everyone in that locker room liked each other. But when they step on the court that pays extremely well. Michael Jordan was also drafted into the MLB by the Chicago White Sox. Michael only played in double A (AA) and spring training and never made is MLB debut.

4) Create a Hyperlink:

  • Sportsnet
  • Sportsnet is a website I use everyday to catch up on sports scores and news. I watch sports everyday when I come home from school while I do my homework. If I didn’t have sports I don’t know here I would be. I wrap my life around sports, I play baseball, my brother plays hockey, my dad played a lot of sports as a kid same with my mom. My dad and I watch sports every night live or recorded together.

5) Self Assessment: