All About Me

Who am I?

I am a 15 year old teenage boy born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Raised in Medellin, Colombia. And now lives in Coquitlam, Canada. I am a football goalkeeper and I’ve played the sport from a very young age and my goal in life is to build a career as a professional goalkeeper. My whole life revolves around football and it is the biggest element in my life.

What’s important to me?

I have things that are incredibly important to me and those are my family, football, true friendships, and god. My family has always been with me in the lows and the highs and I will always be grateful for that. Football needs no explanation, it makes me feel like no other human or object will ever do. True friendships I will try my best to keep and those built through sports are just different. Lastly, there’s god. I’m not a religious guy but I do believe in him and that everything he does has a purpose. I trust him blindly to lead the way.



What inspires me?

The thought and idea of making a living from only playing football is the starter, then more things begin to inspire you as you begin to work towards your goal. For me, those things are: Making my parents proud, not living with the regret of a “what if” and knowing I could have done more. Even just saying “I am a professional footballer” is a great motivator but at the end, you can have all the motivation in the world yet, you will never get anywhere without discipline.

What’s STEAM to me?

To me STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) is a course that teaches students in a different style than the old school way of pen and paper. Of course there is writing involved in STEAM but it is a hands-on type of course. In this course, there is much teamwork, problem solving, and project building involved than in the regular course.


Why did I choose STEAM?

To be completely honest, I didn’t really choose STEAM at first. I attempted to join the regular course but math honours was full and I wasn’t able to get that class. My mom really wanted me to have math honours and the STEAM program had it. My mom signed me up for STEAM in order to have math honours as one of my classes and that’s how i ended up in STEAM.