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Science Fair Reflection


We thought the science fair experience was a good learning opportunity. Not only did we learn about how age and gender affects your ability to perceive emotions but also time management and how to properly research and cite things. we also learned several facts about other peoples experiments as well. Next time we have a science fair we would section off our time better and spend more time on essential things instead of how the poster looks. For the experiment side of things we would see if autism has an effect on perceiving emotions. We would also see if people with English as their second language perceive emotions differently. A project that we were very impressed by was Charlie Toth’s because he had an ingenious idea and even though he had the challenge of not having a poster board he persevered and still had a very impressive and knowledgeable project.



This is us explaining our project to an interested visiter.

This is the collage of all the photos we used for the project.

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