Fifth check in

How did the project go?

I believe my project went over well, I had a rocky start due to medical reasons and not being able to go on a computer. Near the middle of the process, I was finally able to go on my laptop and start getting work done.  I feel like I would’ve made my design less cartoony and more realistic or maybe had both of the options so people had more of something to choose from. I also would’ve asked different types of workplaces, not only office jobs for the surveys. I feel like my surveys still worked out pretty well because I got a good size group to make replies. 

How was the event?

I think the event went over okay but when the middle school classes came to the STEAM fair a couple of kids tried to take (steal really) my keychains and bookmarks. I mean I should take that as a compliment but I was a bit upset that they tried to do that as I trusted the people looking at my project to hold the item in case they wanted a better look. Everyone else was lovely and asked me questions about how I made my projects and what made me choose the topic. I think the number of people was much more than what I expected, we had 12 classes (middle and high school) also around 70% of parents came to the fair; along with teachers and a few volunteers. I believe my plan helped me with my project because I had a medical conflict. I had to get back on track much faster than others because of that and the plan helped me visualize where I needed to be.

How was the presentation?

I believe my presentation was good, people gave me feedback, asked me questions, and liked my designs and information. They also liked how I presented my project, some people said I could’ve made it less busy on my poster board so I will take that into account for next year. I was able to present easily to classmates and students but once it became teachers or parents I began to get a little more worried. Adults tend to give actually feedback and listen to what you’re saying; I thought I would slip up and have them question it. Once my teachers came up to me I began to panic and talk very fast with random giggles every now and then. I think I was only talking like that because I felt a little unprepared, the day I set up my passion project I was too focused on my own and not looking at others to see what other people have on their table. I forgot to bring my failed attempts and photos of my process; other than that I felt very good about everything. I feel my project was very captivating to younger age of viewers due to the designs and colour of the poster. To the older viewers, I believe what made them think my project was cool was the data charts.

Fourth check in

For this check-in, we spoke about my table for the fair and just went over everything I did during this project; I finished everything that will display my ideas and designs. We also went over my Etsy store and chose that I didn’t need that part of my project as it was just to get data but I did a survey instead.

Third Check In

I have printed all of the items I would sell and planned out my poster board, PowerPoint, and essay that will explain to everyone why I chose this as my passion project. 

Second Check In

During my second check-in, I was a little behind with my work because I got a concussion and couldn’t use a computer, which caused me not to have finished my survey. We agreed that I should start making the keychains and bookmarks using the laser cutter and not the 3D printer as it takes too long.

First Check In

My first check-in was talking about my project and how I could finish it in time, with my data, survey, and Etsy store. We discussed how soon I should finish everything and how to present my data.