Chris’ Page

Who am I? My name is Chris, I’m 15 years old and was born in Canada. I like to play videogames with all of my friends. I mainly play CS:GO, Rainbow Six Seige, and many other popular games with my friends. I also like to relax and watch tv when I’m bored with my family.

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What is important to me? My friends and my family are very important to me. My dog especially. I spend most of my spare time playing videogames with my friends, and playing with my dog when I’m bored.

My Dog


Cool shots in CS:GO


Inspirational Youtuber


My friends inspire me because I like to compete against them in videogames. I try and do my best against them because they are also good at videogames so I like competing against them and try to do my best.


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STEAM is a way for me to learn in a more hands on way. I got to use cool machines like a laser cutter and a 3D printer which I made a cool wind turbine that generated electricity. STEAM also gives an option to participate in cool experiments and ways to think outside the box.

My windmill (without motor)


I chose STEAM because I thought it would be a fun way to learn in a hands on environment. I also chose STEAM because I like to use computers and I’m interested in learning to code which is what I’m trying to learn for my passion project with a couple of my friends.

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