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Music: Brandenburg Concerto No.4 BWV1049

Credit to Johann Sebastian Bach for the incredible music.

Seth Fung’s Biography

Image of Seth Fung:

Hello viewer. My name is Seth Fung currently attending Terry Fox Secondary as a Grade 10 student within the STEAM program.  I am currently 15 years old. I enjoy playing piano and chess during my free time and always try my best at school. My goal for the future is to become a Neurologist and treat people who suffer from Neurological disorders and diseases and aid in the research to finding a cure to dementia. and aid in the research to finding a cure to dementia.

What is important to me?

I value my time and grades. I like to spend my time of  playing the piano and sometimes reading or taking a walk outside. One reason why playing piano is crucial to me is because I find great enjoyment in playing music myself instead of listening to Spotify over and over again. Another thing that is important to me is Chess. This is because Chess has taught me many things; 1, be patient, 2, always think ahead and stay one step ahead of your opponent, and 3, if you lose, it will be entirely your fault because you made at least 1 wrong move during the course of the game so you take responsibility for your loss much like real life.

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What or who inspires me?

As the eldest son of a family of 3 children, I have always felt that I had a responsibility to the family to become a highly successful man and to let my family live a life that they could have hardly ever dreamed of; to buy my mother a mansion that she has always dreamed to buy, to gift my father an early retirement and live stress free, to guide my brothers along the same path to success, and most importantly, to make my ancestors proud. Though this dream to some may seem impossible, I personally believe that any dream is possible through hard work and persistence. Thus I continue to push forward onto the battlefield. This is why my Grandfather on my Mother’s side inspires me the most. He went through many hardships growing up but despite that he was able to make it out on top and using his success, lifted the entire family out financial troubles and repaired the family house. He always had the an amazing attitude towards learning and kept an open mindset allowing him to learn anything he wanted to. When my Grandfather passed away he died an entrepreneur, a musician, a scholar. That is why to me, he is the person who inspires me the most.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is a unique program that has been implemented recently as a program much like STEM but also includes an extra letter which represents Art. STEAM is a program which gives students a chance to truly manifest their imaginations and turn them into reality, and gives students an opportunity not provided by any other program to receive hands-on experience which would benefit the student in the future if they are willing to pursue a STEAM related career.

Why did I choose to explore Steam?

I chose to explore Terry fox secondary’s STEAM program because I thought that the program will benefit my future, as well as I was quite interested in the engineering part and drafting part. So far, my opinion of the STEAM program is that it’s pretty good. overall I have enjoyed this program and wish to attend it again next year.