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All about me

Introduction to Seth: <= me

Hi fellow peers, my name is Seth Fung, a grade 9 student at terry fox secondary.  I am currently 14; my date of birth is 10/25/07 I am always seen wearing camouflage and hiking boots. I enjoy dark humor and irony. I just enjoy funny stuff in general, that’s why there are random images posted around the page and there are random posts in this web page.

What is important to me?

I don`t value anything because nothing matters once time catches up to you. I like to spend my time of  playing the piano and sometimes reading or taking a walk outside. One reason why playing this specific instrument is important to me is because it helps me de-stress sometimes, and it is just fun in general. See the source image

What or who inspires me?

My already deceased grand father inspires me to be my best because he was extremely talented. He could anything just by reading a book about what he wants to learn, and by reading a book, he taught himself how to use an early version of AutoCAD and taught himself how to do digital art and probably a lot more stuff I don’t know about.

What is STEAM?

STEAM / What is STEAM?

STEAM is basically a program that allows students to learn about things in the “real-world” that will help the student become more successful and more prepared to enter the “real-world”, and to give students an opportunity to use their critical thinking and other skills that will benefit them in the workforce. STEAM also allows students to learn to work together and allows students to think not just in their own POV but also lets them think in other peoples’ shoes to enhance their teamwork.

Why did I choose to explore Steam?

I chose to explore Terry fox secondary’s STEAM program because I thought that the program will benefit my future, as well as I was quite interested in the engineering part and drafting part. So far, my opinion of the STEAM program is that it’s pretty good. overall I have enjoyed this program and wish to attend it again next year.



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