Class Projects

During my time at STEAM, I participated in a variety of projects. Out of all the projects I embarked, I singled out three of the most significant.

The Salmon Project

[Above] The fish ladder model I created for the Salmon Project. Used clay, store-bought trees, and paint.

The Salmon Project was a fun, short project about spreading awareness about the problems salmon face, and inventing new devices to encourage a convenient lifestyle for these fish. My contribution to this project was constructing a diorama showcasing the fish ladder, which can be found next to dams in different variations. This project was fun to create using my hands only. I always considered creating objects with my hands as a hobby (arts and crafts).

Passion Project

[Above] Bullet I 3D printed using the AutoCad Inventor software.

I was given the chance to properly explore some of the machines available in the drafting room while I partook in this project. Most of the products I constructed from this project involved the use of the 3D printer and Inventor application. Other machines I used include the sticker cutter and laser cutter.

[Above] Used the Minecraft Education Edition application to construct the sustainable city.

Sustainable City Project [Ongoing]

Probably one of the most ambitious projects I will be completing at my time in STEAM. This project involves designing a city with a “sustainable” aspect, such as a dam or recycling facility. Once the design of the entire city is completed, I am required to build it through Minecraft. Minecraft may make the project easier to complete, I would rather complete this project in a different way. Otherwise, I am excited to see the end result of my city.