what up, welcome to my page, here i flex my winnings and memes, enjoy.



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You win the trophy at practice, you pick it up at the competition- By Mr.Hopper. I chose this quot  because when we were at are worst and thinking that we wouldn’t win, this spoke to most of us, it means that the harder you work, the easier your work will become, and you’ll be more at  ease at competition day.




This is video is my Drills teams first Drill team competition, you can see me wearing glasses in around 0:09 seconds, as Master Warrant officer lau was giving his speech, we were all holding hands in hopes that we would win because we practised a lot for this one moment, and luckily did win.


This image is called ”Beanos”, it is a image found in a children’s show called numberjacks, even though this image has nothing to do with a Bean or Thanos, it still is referred to as Beanos, followed by heavy bass music, this image shows that anything can be interpret in any way, and how then internet is full of ideas just waiting to be used, whether its a joke, or maybe even a company.Image result for beanos


Master Hacker: This link takes you to a website of my childhood memories, here i would trick classmates ( and sometimes Teachers) in that i was hacking!
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