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Your “About Me” page is all about you.  As you get more comfortable with it, it is an opportunity to express who you are, and share the things you like to do. But more so, this is where you can share your growth and experiences at Terry Fox Secondary.

About Me Page

You are going to work through the different steps on your About Me page, and become more comfortable working with your blog and learning some important skills.

Step 1: 
To begin editing your About Me page, click “Edit” button located at the top of the screen.

Step 2:
Familiarize yourself with all of the features on your page, when you are done editing your page, simply press “Update” on the far right side of the page. You have the ability to add pictures and videos, change fonts, hyperlink etc.

Step 3:
Create a heading on your About Me page for each of the tasks below. Try each task at your own pace and build your page.


About Me Page – Tasks

1) Add a Quote:

Imagination is the strongest weapon in the war against reality. – Alena Fernandez

I chose this quote because it means a lot to me, and i came up with it. It occurred to me during a dream during a hard part of my life. I was never social and that really hit me hard during Middle School. This quote let me know that i can retreat back to my happy place that is my imagination, when the real world gets tough. I still go by this quote today and know that i can go back to the world i created (I do want to become an author) for comfort when the going gets tough. This quote also tells one to be themselves, no matter what anyone else thinks.

2) Add a Video:

This song represents me. I love it for its fantasy roots, and I’m a huge fantasy lover. I also like to think this song as the national anthem of Erdraes, the world in the books I want to write. I also love Dungeons and Dragons and this song greatly represents D&D. I listen to this song almost every day and i think of it as my own motto. I’ve memorized the lyrics, beat, tones and basically the whole song, its definitely my favorite song of all time.

3) Add a Picture:

I’ve always adored this image. it means a lot to me and represents my imagination and creativity. the way the book is open and how magic seems to be flying off the page catches my eye. Since i do want to write fantasy books, the idea of books containing magic has always been familiar to me. I also like the idea on how each books contain their own bits of magic that draw in readers and make them hungry for more. It also captures the magic of imagination and creativity.

4) Add a Hyperlink:

Like i said when i described my favorite song, i love D&D. I was first introduced to Dungeons and Dragons in middle school where the name popped up. I participated in my first session as a player and got hooked instantly, the open world of endless possibility, the awesome monsters and beasts, the magic and crazy classes, i loved it all. in grade 8 i decided to step it up a notch and become Dungeon Master, the person who weaves epic stories for the players to embark upon. Now, I’m working on a campaign that will last a long time, but will be epic at every turn. If you love fantasy, dragons, monsters, magic, intense fights, creative thinking, roleplay, and all things nerdy, Dungeons and Dragons is perfect for you! Just beware… your fate is in the DM’s hands and be prepared for anything. I mean it, its not fun when you find out the table your sitting at is a bloodthirsty mimic!




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