About Me Anahita

Quote: “Be strong minded and always think that the impossible is possible.” ~Selena Quintanilla

To me this quote means everything is possible if you are positive about it and you try. The reason why I picked this quote is, everyone at one point has thought of giving up on something. You have to be strong minded about it and you cant let anything pull you down.



The reason why i picked this video is because i enjoy doing art and i like seeing others draw and to see their ideas.



This photo of the sunflowers makes me more alive to look at and i just love how the sun is blooming on the sunflower. Image result for flowers


Hyperlink: I picked YouTube because even though there are silly things on there, there are still a lot of meaningful and nice things on YouTube for example Ellen Degeneres she gives people in need or people who has made peoples day or anything nice she gives a family/people cars or money even toys.